Share the real-time location you found on Google Maps with Polnav navigation via Bluetooth Interface

(A) Preparations


Install Polnav BT bridge

  • Install Polnav BT bridge from the Play Store on your Android phone.


For the first use, your mobile phone must be paired with the Bluetooth on your vehicle

  • Once paired, you don't need to repeat pairing and connecting in future use.


For the first use,  please execute Polnav BT bridge for settings

  • Select the name of the Bluetooth device on your vehicle to set up the target device (see picture below).
  • This setting only needs to be redone when changing the vehicle.


Start the Navi App

  • Perform vehicle navigation application.

(B) Operating on Google Maps

(A) Use Google Maps to find a place you want to go

  • Find a place you want to go on Google Maps
  • Press [Share] button

(B) Share to Polnav BT bridge

  • Select [Polnav BT bridge] app
  • The Polnav BT bridge is ready to send the location to your vehicle.

(C) Send the location to your vehicle

  • Press [Send] button
  • The location you are going to will be displayed on the vehicle.

Demonstration video

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