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Discover new horizons confidently with our navigation solutions, including truck, car, and motorcycle navigation, as well as mobile app and map APIs for seamless access.

Our navigation system has been verified by over 20 world-famous automakers. 

To date, we are selling to more than 40 countries- accumulating millions of drivers are our users.

truck navigation 卡車導航適用於貨車、卡車、遊覽車

Truck Navigation

Vehicle Parameters Tailored Routing

Four-level Road Restriction

Pop-up Junction View

Get off the beaten path and discover new adventures with truckers’ ultimate road trip companion-Polnav Truck, which is designed for all kinds of large vehicles-truck, bus, coach, or trailer, etc.

Car Navigation

Ultra-Fast Navigation Engine

Head-Up Display

Electric Vehicle Mode

Explore new places, find new routes, and enjoy the journey. With Polnav car, you will never get lost on the road again.

Motorcycle Navigation

Rider-centric Display

Speed camera alert

Mode for Different Engine Displacement

Conventional automotive navigation does not meet the same standards as motorcycle-specific navigation. when it comes to the unfamiliar environment, riders may encounter some dangerous accidents such as riding on a freeway. This is why Polnav motorcycle is essential for riders who prioritize safe and effective navigation.

Polnav mobile APP

For car, motorcycle, and scooter

Voice input

Car Connectivity

Polnav mobile ensures dependable navigation to your destination, even when offline. In Taiwan, the app has gained significant popularity, with an estimated one in ten individuals using it for their navigation needs.

Map APIs

For All Kinds of Vehicles

Embedded Map

Direction, sequence, multi-dispatch API

Online navigation

Backed up by our highly accurate maps and navigation algorithm, we offer a diverse range of useful APIs that developers can integrate into software applications for utilizing maps and location-based services.

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