About Us

Polstar, a Taiwan-based software company, specializes in navigation software for various types of vehicles.

Our GIS and R&D teams deliver highly compatible and customizable navigation services, adeptly working with local and global map data. With over 20 years of experience in software and hardware integration, we’ve successfully exported to 40 countries, solidifying our position as Taiwan’s only truly global navigation company.

We take great pride in having shipped over one million sets of GPS navigation software to date, with installations in leading automakers such as Toyota, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Fuso, and UD trucks, as well as Apple and Android phones. With support for over 35 languages, our solutions cater to a diverse range of end-users across the globe.



The openness of Polstar drives innovation, performance, and reputation while enhancing our employees’ work experience through honesty, accountability, and transparency. We promote curiosity and innovation by fostering open communication, encouraging the exploration of new ideas, and learning from our mistakes. By working collaboratively, we strive to deliver exceptional solutions to our customers and achieve our common goals.


“To challenge navigation paradigms, rethink how to innovate, make it possible to go big on data, and operate with the values and integrity that build trust with society.” Polstar brings out the best in our people to fulfill our mission of reimagining navigation, improving and enlivening every end user’s journey.









Corporate Logo

Logo Design Concept – Polstar

Polstar’s name is inspired by the Pole Star, a constant guide that has always hung high in the sky, helping people safely navigate their way home. Born in Taiwan, Polstar Technology is situated at 23.5 degrees north latitude on the Tropic of Cancer, perfectly aligned with the angle of observation of the Pole Star. This alignment embodies Polstar’s unique brand spirit and sincere desire to lead people to a life of stability and abundance-using innovative GPS technology to enrich people’s lives by providing accurate navigation.

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