Polnav Motorcycle

In light of the prevalent design of current navigation systems that focus solely on conveying the remaining distance to the next turn, riders often check the decreasing number on the screen, leading to safety concerns and distractions. Polnav Motorcycle has made the decision to change this design.

The First Rider-Centered System for Uninterrupted Riding

Elevate your riding experience with rider-centric navigation, featuring junction number indicators instead of distance, as well as a multi-stop route planner.

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Motorcycle-specific routes, considering unique conditions and road regulation.

Intelligent Display

Polnav’s Motorcycle displays straightforward icons for straight or turning directions according to road types. In the case of a complex turn at an intersection, the system displays the actual map of the intersection to help riders focus more on road conditions.

Route Planning Based on Engine Displacement

2-wheelers no longer need to rely on car navigation. Our navigation system is tailored specifically for motorcycles, taking into account engine displacement, local traffic regulations, and user preferences, such as avoiding highways and toll roads, and prioritizing the fastest or shortest route.

Speed Limits and Speed Camera Alerts

Polnav Motorcycle’s speed alert system notifies riders of their speed and speed camera locations, enabling them to adjust their driving accordingly. The system offers voice notifications when approaching a camera, along with displaying the speed limit and remaining distance, significantly reducing the likelihood of receiving a ticket.

Voice Guidance

For the ease of riders, voice directions are available in several languages for every turn.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Guidance

Polnav’s TTS Guidance announces road names, providing turn-by-turn voice instructions. Easily change text and voice prompts for different countries, with over 30 voices available. Select your preferred language and apply it for seamless navigation.