Polnav Car

Polnav Car provides drivers with a highly intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience. Its advanced features include real-time traffic updates, voice guidance, and route optimization, all of which help drivers confidently navigate unfamiliar routes and busy roadways, arriving at their destination on time and without hassle.

Drive with Certainty-Tested, Verified, and Trusted Navigation

Our navigation system has been verified by over 20 world-famous automakers-Chevrolet, Daihatsu, DFM, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Ikco, Kia, Lexus, Luxgen, Mahindra Reva, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Peugeot, Suzuki, Tobe, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

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Simplify your commute with Polnav Car and never feel rushed again.

Ultra-Fast Navigation Engine

Polnav’s high-speed navigation engine is compatible with various platforms and in-vehicle systems, offering accurate positioning, efficient route planning, and clear voice navigation prompts. The intelligent map-matching function filters unstable satellite signals for improved navigation positioning.

Head-Up Display

Polnav’s SmartHUD (Smart Head-Up Display) integrates navigation information into one display and projects it onto the windshield with HUD hardware, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead.

Electric Vehicle Mode

You can effortlessly find nearby charging stations, check their availability, and plan your route to them with ease.

Real Time Traffic

Polnav provides real-time traffic information sourced from multiple reliable data including the government, our own traffic data, and verified third-party partners. With the help of over half a million drivers, the information is frequently updated to ensure accuracy and relevance. Polnav’s interface presents the location of traffic events and affected roads in a clear manner. The interface displays the location of traffic events and affected roads, and users can quickly avoid and recalculate routes for more efficient navigation during unexpected traffic conditions.

uTagGo Parking Lot

Obtaining information on the availability of remaining parking spaces and real-time details of partner parking lots, including their contact information, is made simple and convenient for users.

Polnav Bridge

If you come across a point of interest that is not included in the Polnav app, you have the option to transmit your findings from Google Maps or Apple Maps to the Polnav bridge using Bluetooth or WiFi. As a result, you can utilize offline navigation on either your AVN or Polnav navigation App.

Pop-up Large Junction View

While driving through a complex junction, Polnav Truck will display a large pop-up view of the junction, along with clear road markings, just before the complex ramp or interchange, as you approach the highway exit or intersection.

Speed Limits and Speed Camera Alerts

Polnav Truck alerts drivers about their speed and the location of speed cameras, allowing them to adjust their driving accordingly. The system provides voice notifications as the driver approaches a camera and displays the speed limit and remaining distance to the camera, reducing the risk of receiving a ticket.

3D Landmark and Building

Our map with 3D landmark and building models offers a complete overview of the surrounding area, allowing for easy recognition of directions and navigation on city roads. The 360° rotation of our 3D models creates a realistic experience that feels like exploring the actual world.

Lane Assistance

Lane Marking function displays arrows indicating the next exit for complex highway interchanges, guiding the driver to the appropriate lane before the upcoming maneuver. With Lane instructions displayed on the road, including the location of markers for the entrance, lane, and exit, drivers can benefit from improved lane positioning and increased reaction time.

TTS Text-to-Speech (TTS) Guidance

Polnav’s TTS Guidance announces road, exit, and highway names, providing turn-by-turn voice instructions. Easily change text and voice prompts for different countries, with over 30 voices available. Select your preferred language and apply it for seamless navigation.

Multilingual Navigation

Polnav supports voice, text, and general keyboard input methods for more than 40 countries and provides voice prompts for intersection turn . Users can change their voice or text settings from the main menu and adjust the display of bilingual map text.

Support Languages:

Arabic, Bengali, Bulgaria, Chinese, Croatia, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Finnish, Frence, German, Greek, Hakka1, Hakka2, Hindi1, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Romania, Russian, Serbia, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spainish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Zulu.

Landmark Voice Guidance

Elevate your drive with our GPS navigation system, featuring voice-guided directions and intuitive maps with landmark directions and warning notifications for upcoming road names and landmarks.

Multi-Stop Route Planning

Effortlessly add multiple waypoints in complex navigation with automatic sorting for optimal routes. Personalize planning options for faster time, shorter distance, or specific driving habits, and modify highway, toll, or small road preferences to meet drivers’ needs.

Keyword Search (Full Text/ Fuzzy Search)

Keyword Full Text Fuzzy Search enables easy destination search by simply entering partial names of points of interest or roads, with related terms appearing near the top of the list. Search results are sorted by distance, with a maximum searching distance of 2,000 kilometers and a list of 300 POIs previously in sequential order for future convenience. Nearby POIs can also be searched by category, such as restaurants, shopping, travel, hotels, traffic, government, sports facilities, service centers, and emergency calls, for faster destination search.

Smart Input

The automatic highlighting of related characters enables users to find their destination quickly and intuitively.

Destination Searching Methods

Polnav offers a range of destination search methods to facilitate quick and easy searching, including address, point of interest (POI), keyword, my favorite, recent, current position, coordinate, category, and photo (Geo-tagged picture, JPEG/EXIF).
In addition to the recent search function that retains users’ search history for easy retrieval, it also offers a nearby search function that allows users to find destinations around their current location. Search results are listed by distance from near to far, providing immediate access to relevant information.