Polnav In-Dash FAQs


Please click “info” in main menu, then click the “About” to check the Information.

Goto Main Menu. 

Click “Find” → “Current Position”.

In the Location Table, please click “Save as”, then “Save” it.

The device’s sound might be turned off or the navigation is in Mute mode.

* Check the device’s voice. If the radio, DVD’s function are OK, please check the software’s settings.

* Click “Settings” → “Sound”, and turn off the “Mute Mode”.

You can click the “Nearby POI” icon in the Map View.

You can enter the “Main Menu” → “Settings” → “Guidance” → “Map Orientation” and change the map orientation to be 3D/2D Heading up mode.

You can enter the “Main Menu” → “My Data” → “Clear Data” → “Clear Favorite” and then clear the all favorite file.

Step1. Please enter the “Main Menu” → “Settings” → “Display” 

Step2. Change the Day / Night Skin.

When in the “Map View”, you can click the Car iconin the upper right corner on the screen and go back to the “Car Position”.

You can enter the “Main Menu” → “Route” → “Best Fit” and then you can check the route of navigation.

The House icon is “Go home” icon . 

You need to save the Home before using “Go home” icon. If the House icon is gray (disable) , please save the Home first.

The “Red triangle”means the GPS signal is lost.

(The color of Green means GPS is fixed. Yellow means GPS signal is weak. Gray means Simulation mode.) 

If the problem continues, please go back to the hardware vendor to help you.

You can enter the “Main Menu” → “Find”→ “Recent”.

You can touch the upper right corner on the screen to switch between Current Speed and Current Time.

Polnav Mobile FAQs


You can search the address and enter the navigation view, and then you can click the […] icon and save as to favorite.  

Click “More” → “setting” → “Volume Control” and turn off the “Mute Mode”.

You can search the POI and Address in “Find” (in the bottom left of Navi view) → “Enter keyword”.  

The red question mark means the GPS signal is not fixed.

Click “More” → “setting’” and click the “Polnav mobile” to check the Information.

1.75GB(unzip, including Taiwan map).

Polnav mobile app can used by mobile phone only.

Click the car cursor (current position), will show the blue pin , then click the info. box can save the pin position as POI / Home / Favorite / Map error report .

Speed alert is the item of premium function, you could turn on this function after purchased

– Android: Go to the phone setting page and turn on the “auto rotate” function. 

– iOS: refer the solution URL: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204547

Confirm your mobile signal state first, it could affect the GPS signal reception. 

– Android: Check your GPS function is turning on or not. 

– iOS: refer the solution URL:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203033

Purchased premium function is unable to use in different platform (Android or iOS).

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