Polnav Truck

Polnav Truck is a specialized navigation system that has been developed to meet the unique requirements of commercial drivers. Its advanced routing algorithms enable drivers to select the most optimal routes based on vehicle parameters, avoiding narrow roads, low overpasses, and other potential hazards.

Navigate to Productivity with Polnav Truck

Given that most GPS navigation apps are intended for passenger cars, it would make the crash caused by trucks or buses striking an overpass a hidden crisis. Thus, considering truck configuration in route planning is essential. With Polnav Truck, approaching an unforeseen tunnel or bridge unfit for your vehicle will not happen. 

Eliminate those clunky and old-fashioned navigation gadgets by utilizing this smart app that is conveniently accessible on your phone or tablet. This app caters to a diverse range of transportation vehicles, including trucks, buses, and trailers, ensuring optimal functionality to suit your specific requirements.







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Obtain an optimal route based on their vehicle’s size, weight, cargo type, and any other relevant factors

Tailored Routing Based on Vehicle Parameters

Configure your vehicle’s size and type, select a convenient route, and specify a maximum speed, length, height, weight, width, freight, number of axles, Hazmat level, and other preferences for a safe and efficient journey on suitable roads.

Send Routes from Polstar Online Map

Efficiently plan and dispatch routes with Polstar online map that allows for over 25 stops. Simply send the route to the Polstar Truck app to access advanced truck features. When the app is active, the route will be calculated using Polnav Truck Navigation routing based on your vehicle’s dimensions, weight, and cargo. This feature is particularly useful for fleet management in logistics and transportation, as it reduces communication costs.

Truck Attributes Offline Map

Polnav Truck ensures you never get lost in areas with spotty mobile coverage and helps you avoid extra data expenses. Its reliable navigation system doesn’t require an internet connection since the maps are stored on your device. You can effortlessly search for addresses and  large vehicle-friendly POIs.

Polnav Bridge

If you come across a point of interest that is not included in the Polnav app, you have the option to transmit your findings from Google Maps or Apple Maps to the Polnav bridge using Bluetooth or WiFi. As a result, you can utilize offline navigation on either your AVN or Polnav navigation app.

Pop-up Large Junction View

While driving through a complex junction, Polnav Truck will display a large pop-up view of the junction, along with clear road markings, just before the complex ramp or interchange, as you approach the highway exit or intersection.

Speed Limits and Speed Camera Alerts

Polnav Truck alerts drivers about their speed and the location of speed cameras, allowing them to adjust their driving accordingly. The system provides voice notifications as the driver approaches a camera and displays the speed limit and remaining distance to the camera, reducing the risk of receiving a ticket.

Colored Restrictions Displayed in Four Levels

Based on road regulations, potential restrictions will be listed and marked with different colors on the route planning screen before selecting a route.

Voice Guidance

Polnav Truck offers turn-by-turn voice instructions in multiple languages for the convenience of drivers.