2022/8 Polstar Navigation Expands in Taiwan with Hyundai Latest Model Integration

August 20, 2022 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Through the split-screen feature of the infotainment system, drivers can simultaneously view the navigation map and operate other system functions, such as streaming music platforms or making phone calls. It also allows them to access additional navigation assistance information. When the main screen displays the navigation route and map, the split screen provides upcoming turn-by-turn directions. When adjusting navigation settings or searching for the next destination, the split screen continues to display the current route guidance. This functional division between the main screen and split screen offers drivers a convenient and non-disruptive way to interact with the system, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The successful integration of the navigation software into Hyundai Motor’s latest vehicle models marks a significant milestone for Polstar Technologies in expanding its presence in the Taiwan market. Polstar will continue to optimize its navigation engine and map data to introduce navigation software that better meets the needs of drivers, opening up a new chapter in its development.



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