Polstar showcased latest navigation software at Thailand International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (TAPA)

April 12, 2023 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Today, on the 12th of September, Postar Technologies took part in the “2035 E-Mobility Taiwan” event, the sole event in Taiwan exclusively dedicated to the electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle sector. At the event, they showcased an array of their navigation products, encompassing offline navigation solutions for trucks, cars, and motorcycles, as well as a mobile navigation app. Most notably, they unveiled their brand-new online map services tailored to meet the unique demands of fleet management.

Postar Technologies, with its origins rooted in navigation software development, has amalgamated its proprietary Taiwan map data and cutting-edge map API technology to formally launch an online map platform this year. This platform provides a host of services, including multi-point route planning, fleet organization and dispatching, and integrated maps. Its primary clientele comprises logistics and delivery companies, transportation providers, corporate fleet managers, and other software entities. The platform’s versatility lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate diverse map data sources and adapt to customized designs, effectively assisting businesses in the integration of APIs and the utilization and analysis of data to craft their own bespoke map applications.

By incorporating the Polstar online map service, businesses can optimize their fleet’s delivery mission planning process. The platform factors in variables such as distances between stops, the precise location of stops, the proximity of dispatch vehicles, and real-time traffic conditions to calculate the most efficient delivery routes. As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Polstar Technologies explained, “We fully grasp the expectations of fleet management professionals, who are constantly seeking ‘optimized routes’ and ‘cost reduction.’ Thus, we provide a multifaceted service offering to empower our customers to maximize their transportation efficiency.”

Moreover, Polstar’s online map platform seamlessly integrates with offline navigation devices, providing a comprehensive solution for mission dispatching.

The Vice President added, “Taiwan witnesses approximately ten thousand accidents involving large vehicles each year, many of which result from incidents like collisions with low bridges, getting stuck on narrow roads, or traversing roads prohibited by regulations. Hence, specialized navigation for large vehicles is indispensable.” Postar Technologies’ online map platform not only incorporates dedicated lanes for large vehicles but also delivers real-time traffic information. After devising multi-point delivery routes on the online map, fleet managers can effortlessly transmit these routes directly to drivers’ mobile devices via Bluetooth or the internet, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual communication. “Upon receiving a task, our offline truck navigation system can adeptly devise the most suitable route, factoring in variables like vehicle type, cargo specifics, and traffic regulations,” the Vice President demonstrated on-site. He concluded by saying, “In addition to truck navigation, for a variety of delivery vehicle types, we can instantaneously transmit routes to our car or motorcycle navigation software, resulting in substantial reductions in dispatch communication costs.”



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