Polstar Introduces In-Dash Truck Navigation Software to Australia & New Zealand

July 18, 2019Hsinchu, TAIWAN

Polstar Technologies, Inc. unveiled the in-dash truck navigation software, the next-generation solution that provides heavy truck drivers routing, searching, guiding and warning functions, reducing overall risks of entering wrong paths and enhancing the efficiency of transportation. This truck navigation software, backed up by HERE’s map features, provides drivers with 100% routing accuracy and up to 10X better user experiences versus the competitor’s solution.

The in-dash truck navigation software provides customers with the following features
Industry’s best routing and re-routing:
With the incorporation of the truck’s dimension, weight, and volume of wheels, this truck navigation software can accurately model the best paths under the constraints of traffic regulations and road network, providing customers with 100% accuracy at routing and re-outing.

User friendly search and smart input:
One touch of anywhere on the screen pops out the main menu that allows users to easily input the destination and go. The internet enabled version even accepts voice commands, potentially removing the inconvenience in operation.

Vocal and visual guidance and warning:
Turn-by-turn voice instruction and visual display of nearby roads at the priority level let users fully aware of what to do next. The traffic flow information generates accurate, in-time reports that shorten wasting time and helps drivers achieve better-quality work life.

“In Australia and New Zealand, Polstar’s truck navigation software is now deployed on tens of thousands heavy trucks across up to seven different brands from Japan and EU.. Users are highly content with our product.” Says Hermes Tu, AVP of Polstar’s sales and marketing department. 

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