Incorporates Speech Recognition to Make Destination Input Easier

December 4, 2020Hsinchu, Taiwan

Polstar today announced a new global release of its navigation software that focuses on helping users find destinations and amplify their POI (Points of Interest) and address databases more effectively through mobile devices. It’s mainly through the popular speech recognition technologies to make everyone’s everyday lives easier. 

With a smart phone and an installed App named “Polnav-bridge”, users may speak to the phone for searching the desired destination which is then transmitted to the in-dash AVN via Bluetooth. As soon as you press acceptance as shown on the AVN screen, Polstar’s navigation software as promised provides an uncompromised user experience to all drivers. All trial users so far praise and welcome such a new remarkable function.

“Owning the ability to input in-dash AVN destinations by talking to the internet connected smart phone is the core to helping users enjoy humanity technologies,” said Hermes Tu, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing. “This new feature not only overcomes accents and local differences, but also applies to all major languages in the world.” It is advisable, however, to speak to the smart phone within one foot for minimizing background noise and loud environments.

With the App named “Polnav-bridge” and Polstar’s AVN navigation software, these technologies are built to provide an uncompromised navigated driving experience, working by the enormous on-line POI and address databases together with the off-line uninterrupted turn-by-turn guidance. Able to virtually display the junction views at every turning point, AVN screens are usually larger for impressive map display while standby smart phones make these features combine to help people enjoy their journeys.

The new voice input is a highly functional and reliable feature well-suited for both iOS and android phones. It comes with an extremely convenient “pay-as-you-go” version and a popular free version for users to choose before downloading. Both versions are capable of a 1ms speech recognition time while the only difference is the easiness of operations.

Please refer to the user manual.

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