Destination Search is Simple and Intuitive

September 16, 2021 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Polstar Technologies Inc. has released a new version of Polnav mobile APP in 2021 Aug, and announced the official launch of the new user interface. This latest upgrade design was coming from drivers’ feedbacks.. 

Destination Search is Simple and Intuitive
We have integrated the “Where to go” search function into one page. In which, you can search the surrounding POIs, my favorites and historical records easily with a single entry. Additionally, the complicated POI categories has been removed.

Route Visualization becomes finer
We are committed to designing user-friendly products and caring about driver safety. By removing detailed route information and enlarging the important route name and icons, drivers can arrive the destination easily and safely.

Color Consistency in User Interface Design
The redesigned menu colors of the Polnav mobile leading to more concise and refreshing menu style.

Independent Switches for Different Speed Cameras
In response to driving habits of different drivers, independent switches for each speed cameras has been developed. That is, the speed camera can be switched on and off (simultaneously turned on and off the audio navigation prompts) for different user needs.

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