Polstar's Truck Animation Highlights Smart Transportation Benefits

August 21, 2022 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Polstar Technologies has recently unveiled a three-minute animated video aimed at simplifying the understanding of the benefits of installing truck navigation systems for transport operators. This engaging video is divided into five sections, showcasing the differences between using and not using truck navigation. It features compelling voiceover narration and cinematic background music.


Polstar’s truck navigation software, powered by HERE map data, integrates unique HERE attributes to deliver an optimized driving experience for truck drivers. It intelligently avoids narrow roads and low clearances, ensuring drivers reach their destinations safely while adhering to traffic regulations. Through real-time route planning and recalculations, drivers can reduce fuel consumption, save time, and enhance overall transportation efficiency.


Hermes Tu, Sales Manager at Polstar Technologies, who led this video project, explained, “Through this engaging video, we aim to demystify the advantages of adopting our meticulously crafted truck navigation software. This will aid us in formulating a marketing strategy to raise awareness among decision-makers and stakeholders in the transport industry about the practicality and necessity of truck navigation.”


Polstar’s truck navigation software has been successfully deployed in tens of thousands of trucks in Australia and New Zealand in recent years. In the upcoming months, Polstar Technologies plans to expand its product outreach to various markets, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. As awareness grows regarding the benefits of truck navigation, Polstar’s goal is to swiftly provide this outstanding product to truck drivers worldwide.


According to the annual survey report from the American Transportation Research Institute, safety and adherence to speed limits were identified as two of the top ten key challenges facing the trucking industry in 2019. Polstar’s truck navigation software, with features such as truck dimensions and road width and height considerations, is recognized as a crucial tool for achieving safety and complying with speed limits. Leveraging its exceptional expertise and strong track record in Australia, Polstar is contributing to the global realization of intelligent transportation solutions.

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