Polstar launches a video to enhance smart transportation awareness

August 25, 2020 Hsinchu, Taiwan

Polstar today announced the launch of a three-minute video to make it easier for the transportation industry better understanding the benefits of deploying truck navigation software onto their trucks. This motion-picture video consists of 5 portions, including the competitions between the Polstar enabled and disabled trucks, as well as the eye-catching texts and background music using movie similar technologies. 

Polstar’s truck navigation software, working together with HERE’s map data, incorporates HERE’s unique features to enhance a truck driver’s maximum experience. It enables drivers to reach destinations safely and securely by avoiding narrower roads and lower entrances, bringing an enjoyable driving experience under the constraints of traffic rules. By enabling routings and re-routings within the practical environment, drivers can boost efficiency by reducing the fuel consumption as well as time and other costs that they have to take in order to complete their shipping.

“With the launch of this interesting video, we expect to help people better understand the benefits of adopting our Polnav-truck that we crafted with care and passion. This should enable us to design a campaign that targets the decision makers behind these truck drivers and are acceptable and feasible to stakeholders,” explains Hermes Tu, senior global marketing manager at Polstar, who is heading up the video project also.

Polstar’s truck navigation software has been deployed on tens of thousands trucks in Australia and New Zealand for several years. In the coming months, Polstar will start rolling out these products in several other markets across Asia, Europe, Middle East and the U.S. Truck drivers around the world hopefully will soon be able to enjoy this wonderful product when their bosses become widely aware of such benefits.

Safety and speed limits were listed among the top 10 critical issues facing the trucking industry in 2019, according to an annual survey released by the American Transportation Research Institute. Polstar’s truck navigation software whose elements include dimensions of the truck as well as road widths and heights etc., and as such is regarded as an important means for achieving safety and speed compliance. Taking advantage of its strong expertise and excellent track record in Australia, Polstar is helping to ensure the smart transportation in markets all over the world.

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