Volkswagen and HTC Launched Customer-Link that Polnav Supports

December 9, 2015 Hsinchu, Taiwan

2On 2016 TAIPEI INT’L AUTO SHOW, Volkswagen announced that they have partnered with HTC and launched Customer-Link, which will also support Polnav mobile navigation software.

Customer-Link, combined with cloud database and software development technology, integrates vehicle information into the software to provide users real-time traffic information and driving data, including total mileage, fuel consumption, engine rpm., tire pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, remaining distance, and so on.

With Customer-Link Bridge implemented hardware, users only need to install Customer-Link App on their phones for simultaneous control of the in-vehicle system. Through Bluetooth or MirrorLink, the driving information on the phone will be mirrored on the infotainment system screen.

Besides vehicle status data, many great features such as navigation, real-time traffic, emergency assistance, vehicle monitoring and vehicle searching will be provided in Customer-Link App. Polnav mobile has been chosen as preferred navigation for Customer-Link because of its trustworthiness of many global car OEMs.

Customer-Link system is expected to release on the market in May 2016. At then Customer-Link App will be available for download in PlayStore and AppStore for Android and iOS phones.

Customer-Link demonstration in Taipei INT’L AUTO SHOW.

Basic functions of Customer-Link App include vehicle monitoring, making phone call, playing music, phone book, emergency assistance, service, setting and vehicle positioning…etc.

Fuel consumption, fuel tank level and engine temperature information displayed on Customer-Link.

Vehicle status alarm on Customer-Link.

Polnav mobile (the navigation app) for Customer-Link.

Polnav mobile (the navigation app) for Customer-Link.

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